A great Good Friday - Valley of the Rocks & Watersmeet

For all you non-Brits who haven't visited the country, the weather in Britain sucks. Big time. But you probably already knew that (our teeth aren't as bad as they say though). British people can barely go a few hours without mentioning the weather in conversation, we're obsessed with it. It rains on average 140 days a year here* and when it doesn't rain the thick clouds above try their damn hardest to.

When the sun does finally make an appearance we go crazy. Trying to absorb as much vitamin D as we can in the few days, hours, minutes we have. If the sun is out, so are our legs, ice cream vans, beer bellies and barbecues no matter what month of the year it is. So you can imagine how happy I was when I checked the weather during my lunch break on Thursday and saw the forecast with one day of possible sunshine out of four over the Easter break. A short road trip was planned.

The day started with an early 2 hour drive down the coast to Exmoor National Park then a walk from Lynmouth to the stunning Valley of the Rocks. All-day blue sky, constant hot sun, gorgeous panoramic views and rocks to climb (or fall off). If only every weekend was this nice.

The next stop was a short drive away at Watersmeet. An area with waterfalls, rivers and rich habitats to explore. A real gem. 

An entire day was spent in the sun exploring these beautiful place. Places that make you realise how easy it is to take your own country for granted (which I do too often). 

A few more photos below. If we get lucky with more fantastic weather I'll be sure to return with photos from another great trip and hopefully a slightly better tan.


*my highly accurate estimation based on a 2 minute Google search